Kerouac: The Place of Dryed-Age Beef and Rare Wines

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The concept and the name of the place is a tribute to the writer Jack Kerouac. The owner of the place is Valentino Peralta, son of the founder of Fonda Argentina. This family has a history with premium meat in Mexico City. That is why Valentino continues with the family tradition but with a new concept in one of the most beautiful areas of Mexico City. Being a great admirer of Kerouac, he named the restaurant after the book Tristessa in which he describes where he lived at the Colonia Roma at the time. The name also represents in the best way what the restaurant wants to say: the English lifestyle.

“This type of meat is born in the Middle Ages by the need to find ways to make the meat last because of the lack of refrigeration, the ideal place to do it is at cavas .” -VP

In this way, the concept, decoration and menu of the place is developed. The interior of the space is the work of Obra Gris, the furniture is by Chapoy and some details of the restaurant ran under NUGAR, while graphic design was by Catorce Días. Working in a multidisciplinary way the space comes to life in the best way. And of course the kitchen is the heart where the magic is created by chef Rodrigo Castro Vargas and confectioner Sonia Arias. It is definitely a space that you can not miss.




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