Punto Verde by Fernanda Uribe

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

It is a reality that the future of design will be formed by handmade pieces in fashion, industrial design, jewelry and other types. More and more people are looking for pieces that have a history and a soul involved in the creation process and also pieces that express something that have a personality of their own.

One of the Mexican artists who creates beautiful, unique pieces by using her hands and prints her identity in each of them is Fernanda Uribe. Fernanda Uribe has a project called Punto Verde in which she uses sculpture, painting and ceramics as a means of expression, building ideas that are based on a limited lifetime, as well as the life cycle of stars, nature, delicacy and subtlety, comparing them with living works of art. This beautiful project is a branch of the core of Fernanda’s work, where she investigates contemporary themes like utility.

“Thanks to this and the taste for handmade objects, I thought I could unite the two worlds. Handmade pottery is a luxury in many places, so I decided to embark on a new adventure and learn to work with it.” -FU

Do not miss this beautiful project with unique pieces where through the design and creation of each piece the artist combines gastronomy, the ritual of eating, living and  being together, something totally atypical in the contemporary culture.



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