La Fonda del Zancudo, Magic in Cancun’s Downtown

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

La Fonda del Zancudo is one of the restaurants in Cancun’s Downtown that is full of charm. It is a magical place that by night, turns on the lights on its patio, leaving the small, stone garden and the orchard used to cook most of the dishes, shine bright. On a weekend, it is impossible to get a table. It is necessary to make a reservation since the success of the place is astonishing. However, it is well worth waiting the necessary time since every dish is spectacular! And the atmosphere of the space is captivating; using the old and abandoned structure of a house at Cancun’s downtown as the shell of the restaurant including contemporary and romantic hints. Tile floor, in contrast with the smooth concrete of the preexistence is an example of how the restaurant is made. The vegetation covers the old structure, giving a jungle vibe, planned but yet mysterious. The atmosphere transports you to a place outside Cancun. This is the perfect space to go with your couple or with friends and is one of the best local options to visit in Cancun.

The restaurant has a base menu with dishes which is short but solid. For fish lovers, the best option is salmon and tuna without hesitation. The interesting thing is the menu of the day that is written on a blackboard wall located on one of the restaurant walls. Taking care of the quantity that is available for each dish, ensuring the quality of the menu. All dishes are prepared instantly, with products of the garden felt in every bite and of the highest excellence in quality. The textures, smell, color and the way of cooking of each dish is sublime. The entrees, tasty dishes and the desserts are worthy to forget the calories and enjoy!


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