Posada Margherita, Italian Restaurant & Hotel in Tulum

In Los Cabos by Isabella Moreno

The magic that exists in every corner of Tulum is a feeling that remains in the memory of all the visitors who have the pleasure of being in this place for a few days. That is why many of the travelers decide to return to stay and live in the beautiful beaches of the south of Mexico. Tulum is a small town that offers guests anywhere from a quite modest stay, to exclusive stays at eco hotels in the area. The magic is in the original nature of things that inhabit the place and little by little has been leading to become a growing area. Tulum is an avenue that has on one side, hotels and restaurants with a sea view, and on the other side more hotels and boutiques that give a sense of familiarity even if it is the first time you visit Tulum. Tulum also conserves an archaeological zone and a collection of cenotes that leave anyone open-mouthed. A more super relaxing vibe but with a constant activity, Tulum is the center of artists, concerts and festivals of music, yoga and jazz throughout the year.

One of these spaces is the wonder of the Posada Margherita, a hotel and restaurant of an Italian who fell in love with Tulum and decided to start his life here. Just by entering the space you feel the love and the intention with which it was developed. The architecture with natural materials and the overflowing vegetation creates a natural corridor by which one arrives at the rooms of the hotel and the boutiques with clothes and objects that go from the most cool and chic to the most organic for your home and garden decor.

The restaurant is simply a delight. The owner will sit down with you to explain every dish on the menu that is not longer than a single sheet, as it should be. Each dish is prepared at the moment. Fresh pasta is made at the instant that it is ordered, with fresh ingredients and recipes that have gone on from generation to generation in the Italian family. The fish is another specialty that will delight all palates. It is necessary to make a reservation or run with a lot of luck to have a table with a sea view. During almost every night the Posada Margherita is full of couples and families of both visitors and residents. It is a restaurant that impacts all the senses. The music, waves in the background, dim lights, service, familiarity, nature and the amazing flavors of all dishes are converted into an unforgettable experience. If you are lucky enough to be in Tulum, Posada Margherita is a must go to for dinner!



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