La Shop d’Arquitectura: The Cover Letter

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

While there are hundreds of architectural firms in Mexico, there are few who work holistically, offering architectural projects, construction, decoration and finishes. The team of arqueN offers the service of interior design through La Shop d’Arquitectura, composed of highly creative professionals who are able to develop amazing ideas for customers. They were given the task of creating an awesome showroom in the southern part of Mexico City so the clients could know their work. The apartment exhibition, located in Pedregal, brings together the latest trends in design and exclusive finishes such as floors of various materials, bathroom furniture, kitchens, green walls, lamps, furniture, accessories and art. The rooms are specially designed for the customer to have the experience of this innovative concept and of course witness the high quality of their work. Spaces are quite large, and as a basis they decided to use light colors, as if it was a canvas ready to be painted. While the style is contemporary, projects can fit any taste or preferred style of the inhabitants of the space. There is no doubt that with this great cover letter, La Shop d’Arquitectura is ready to make whatever our decorative dream is into an exciting reality.

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