Lagalá: Art in Many Forms

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There are places that transmit peace, maybe because of their environment, their colors, their people, their decoration, their history or perhaps it is a mixture of all this, and Lagalá 56:426 is one of them.

The beautiful old French inspired building that was once a bakery in the city of Mérida, Yucatán, is today one of the favorite destinations to visit while in this beautiful city. Stopping for a moment, breathe, contemplate, be inspired, savor delicacies and share existence is what this space invites you to once inside, through its different areas.

The redesign work of the place was carried out by the creative office FMT Estudio, which opted to preserve some spaces, walls and textures that are witnesses of the passage of time and the energy that has flowed through this magical building throughout years.

Whether it is to enjoy an exhibition, delight yourself with delicious dishes, organize a private event or more, Lagalá is an excellent option for those who know how to enjoy the moment.

El Workroom 

It has a focus on business, culture and arts, which brings together managers, critics, artists and leaders to teach courses and workshops seeking to complement the educational offer in the city; the space is extremely pleasant and welcoming.

La Terraza

It proposes a meeting point that exposes contemporary culture through its different expressions: art, music, performance, cinema, literature and gastronomy. It has capacity for up to 150 people. The lush plants around it become quiet but very happy and vibrant companions.


Spaces that can be perfectly equipped for any type of event such as meetings, brunches, lunches, baby showers, anniversaries and more. In this place creativity and innovation coexist with history and traditions, making it a very unique place to gather people.

Te Extraño, Extraño

The place that together with its phrases and flavors has stolen my heart. A small but special space for 30 diners that proposes a fresh and natural cuisine which focuses on local and seasonal products. The menu is prepared by Mexican chefs Joaquín Cardoso and Sofía Cortina, who implement classic cooking techniques and are characterized by respecting traditional flavors of the ingredients they use.

Photos courtesy of Lagalá 56:426

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