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Amira District: the best option to invest in Tulum (as seen in Forbes)

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Giada Developments from Grupo Giada has recently developed an amazing complex in the hottest destination in Mexico: Tulum.

The turquoise sea, the hippie-chic vibe, the amazing hotels, the jungle and the food make Tulum one the most visited cities in Mexico. Recently, Tulum has also become an amazing option for investing in real state. 

Amira District by Giada Developments was stablished in Selva Zamá, always with a responsible and ecological point of view. Giada (Real Estate Investment Firm) has a wide experience in Tulum since they have created more than 14 developments in Aldea Zamá (five are still in the process of construction).

Amira District was designed by DNA Barcelona, as an avant-garde and urban complex, with Aryanour Djalali as their leader. A space for living surrounded by nature and in harmony with it, is a dream for anyone who loves nature. 

The complex will have 232 apartments, that will be at the end joined by another 520 more properties. Acquiring one of these properties makes you an automatic member of the Grupo Giada Beach Club for two years.

The complex was designed to create the perfect balance between the jungle and sea with the city. The common areas are perfect for every situation, since they include restaurants, kid’s club, laundry room, bar, beach club (includes transportation), gardens, pools, hammocks, an artificial river, gym, parking lot and much much more.

The architects had in mind to make a space that would be suited for day to day life, but that at the same time the vibe would make its habitants relax and enjoy their natural surroundings. 

And if that were not enough, Amira District is located only 280 meters from the beach. What are you waiting for to invest here?

Looking to invest or relocate?

Tulum has proven to be the hottest destination for traveling in the world, it has grown significantly in the recent years and offers the best luxurious hotels, restaurants, beach clubes, condos and houses.

Michael Dee our CEO has moved to Tulum and has various opportunities for investment in properties, private estates and award winning condos.

Contact him for more information:

USA cell 1-602-693-3002

MEX cell +52-984-177-7066

Photographs: DNA Barcelona Architects.

This feature was based on the article Amira District: una razón arquitectónica para invertir en Tulum by Forbes Mexico.

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