Merida: A Collaboration of Joel Escalona and Jorge Diego Etienne for Libbey

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Two of our favorite Mexican designers joined their talents to create a special collaboration for Libbey, the largest producer of consumer glass objects in America; Merida collection stands out for its apparent simplicity but profound beauty and meaning, being a piece that combines tradition and modernity in a perfect balance. The product design, which also counted on the consultancy of delaO design studio, integrates elements of one of the most representative creative techniques of Mexican culture: woven natural fibers. The process carried out with the professionalism and creativity that characterizes its creators was rich in research, design and development with the intention of producing thousands of pieces to reach as many homes as possible. The collection of glass containers not only speak of the past, but also represents the current relevance of design in the national industry.

From the time of pre-Hispanic civilizations, to the present, containers and all kinds of objects have been woven in different materials to accompany people in their day to day. This is the idea that led us to use the texture commonly found in hand-woven objects in industrial production pieces, thus mixing centuries of tradition with current methods of mass production.”

– Joel Escalona and Jorge Diego Etienne

Photos courtesy of Joel Escalona

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