Merkavá, The Taste of Israel in México

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

It is very easy to try new culinary spots in Mexico City; the speed at which the number of restaurants grows is amazing. There are different proposals inspired by particular countries or cities, in Mexican cuisine, or simply following trends or patterns. Architecture plays an essential role in this growth or activation around the different areas of the city. From small spaces suitable for a few people to restaurants with enough space to hold large events.

In this case Merkava is the new Israeli restaurant from chefs Daniel Ovadia and Salvador Orozco. This is the first hummusiva in the city, which means that they specializes in hummus. Marekava has a menu with a wide variety of flavors and exquisite dishes that will fascinate your palate including six varieties of hummus and varying menus. The variety of exotic drinks is also perfect to harmonize with the flavors of the dishes. Merkava means combat car and the specialty of this charming little restaurant is the kitchen of Jerusalem. The space design makes it perfect for the small size of the place. It gives you the feeling of entering a home, with an immediate familiarity for the warmth of their hosts. The clean design is made up by using wood in almost all of the space; a wood wall simulating the movement of the waves of the sea and the open kitchen with gold and steel details create a fascinating visual dialog. The entire experience is a trip to the center of the world, from the the aromas to the textures and flavors of each dish that will take you outside Mexico City. Enjoy!





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