Design Office by Taller Estudio Central

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

A sample of the work that has been produced by the popular Mexican architects of Taller Central Estudio is the architectural project, interior design and construction of the offices at the Tower Capital Reforma in Mexico City. The objective of this project was to generate spacious offices with natural light and open spaces without losing the formality of the individual and collective workspace and always maintaining the aesthetic proposal as the identity of the company.

The offices are highlighted by contemporary furniture and the original and visible structural details. The team proposed to use a dynamic color palette and recreational areas for employees. It is a fact that these spaces provide greater effectiveness in the performance of the employees. The natural lighting combined with the proposed decisions, create a suitable environment to be able to work and develop all the necessary activities at the offices. The full project is created by an entrance hall which connects and communicates the department of finance, the dining room, the commercial area with a table control room, a visual tour room, telephone booths and the principle office. It is one of the most complete projects that has been generated in this wonderful office and another amazing and innovative place created by Taller Central Estudio.



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