January at Flora Farms

In Dine, Los Cabos by Suzanne Koch

Head to Flora Farms for a variety of activities!

Sunday Brunch: Enjoy a wonderful morning with the Pelo de Perro Bar, live music from the Todos Santos Jazz Band, croquet on the lawn, and of course the doughnut bar! 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Reservations: reservations@flora-farms.com

Cooking Classes: Tuesdays will be the roasted vegetable taco class including learning how to make tortillas the old fashioned way (nixtamal) and working with herb sauces to create a delicious lunch. Fridays will be all about regional salsas. $75 per person, includes a farm tour, crafted cocktails and lunch. Reservations: sonja@flora-farms.com

Plein Air Painting Classes: Join the prestigious artist Francois Paris, owner of O Gallery and enjoy a wonderful morning at the Mango Grove. $100 per person, includes all materials needed for the class, plus lunch and wine. Reservations: sonja@flora-farms.com

Live Music Program: See below for the live music schedule.

  • Tuesday—Saturday breakfast and lunch: Saxophonist David Cantoni
  • Tuesday nights: The Shamans!
  • Wednesday nights: Doo Wap Orchestra
  • Thursday nights: Monique Trio
  • Friday nights: Mon & Moz
  • Saturday nights: The Shamans!
  • Sunday brunch: Todos Santos Jazz Trio

Valentine’s Day: Start making your romantic plans now! Flora’s Field Kitchen will be offering its fried chicken menu, live music and a set menu. All ladies will be able to take home a blown glass heart. Reservations: reservations@flora-farms.com

For more information, visit: facebook.com/Flora.Farm.Cabo

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