Unico 20ºN 87ºW: What You Were Waiting For

In Playa del Carmen & Tulum, Stay by Isabella Moreno

Are you willing to spend a few days at one of the most beautiful places on Earth?

A new hotel will make it even more like a daydream. You will be able to enjoy the wonderful experience of the Hotel Único starting March 2017. The full name of the new member of the RCD Hotels is Hotel UNICO 20ºN to 87ºW, the coordinates of the exact location of this space is included as a tribute to the magnificent Riviera Maya. This space has been considered sacred and cared for since the beginning of time, and today you can enjoy it in the best possible way. It respects the environment and invites guests to enjoy an experience from the inside by means of a local staff of residents who will teach you the area, the best artisans, and all special aspects of the place. Hotel Único invites you to enjoy an experience in the Riviera Maya that very few people know.

The hotel has re-defined the all-inclusive concept to give a new experience and vision of the modern Mexico that is alive and present. It is an adults-only hotel that is characterized by hosting experiences designed at the peak of luxury. All rooms are decorated in a spectacular way to encourage you to relax. A few of the rooms even have private swimming pools. Each one of the rooms have an exclusive host that will provide the best service, 24 hours a day. The hotel’s architecture is designed to inspire the beautiful and quiet nature of southeast Mexico, that is inspired by natural elements that are incorporated with crafts and objects made by local artists.

Highlighting all the senses, Hotel Único will feature different restaurants with the highest quality of food. Celebrity chef Cristian Bravo will helm the kitchen at Cave 7 and additional restaurants include Mi Carisa, Cueva Siete, Mura House and 20.87, providing a wide range to satisfy varying palates. Without a doubt, this new hotel guarantees an unforgettable experience.






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