Mexicouture by Sara Galindo and María José Hernández

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

As time goes by, Mexican fashion and design is better positioning itself in the international world of fashion. The handmade work of different communities throughout Mexico, as well as emerging designers have managed to place themselves in the global fashion panorama. The talent of Mexican designers is evident in each handmade piece and the quality can be seen and felt through vibrant colors and radiant textures—that’s the magic of Mexico. However, there are certain individuals who have pushed and empowered Mexican fashion and have exposed it to the international fashion world.

Sara Galindo is one of them. A woman devoted to Mexico and to the work of Latin America, Sara Galindo with María José Hernández created an e-commerce platform named MEXICOUTURE where the best of Mexico is exhibited. The goal of Mexicouture is to conquer the great fashion capitals of Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, Paris and Milan and to share Mexico’s fashion with the rest of the world. This helps to generate jobs, maintain the craft and progress the country economically.

Mexicouture is just a click away from your computer anywhere in the world and currently has a page dedicated to the best Mexican designers. Sara Galindo also has a physical shop, KM 33, in the wonderful town of Tulum and a new shop in the Turks and Caicos.

Mexico, Braaavo!!


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