Chopo University Museum

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

One of the best features of Mexico City is that it is the city with more museums than any other on the continent. One of them is the Chopo University Museum. This space served originally as the symbol of an industrial trade fair in Germany at the beginning of the twentieth century. The pieces were brought to Mexico City and were staged at the district of Santa Maria La Ribera. This German art relic was once the headquarters of the Natural History Museum until the middle of the 70’s when it changed its service to the current one and became the Chopo University Museum.

The full museum has been renovated since 2005 as an integral cultural project. It was closed for remodeling but followed the regular activities and exhibitions in different galleries of the city. The architect, Enrique Norten had the amazing job of recreating a museum within the current museum, with the intention to convert the original gallery in a continuous platform of art without modifying the beauty of its space.

The Chopo University Museum exposes contemporary art, design, conferences, film cycles, theater and continuing educational workshops. Conversations with the university community and topics that are developed around this as identity, urban tribe and gender. The museum proudly has been the headquarters of the cultural lesbian and gay week for twenty-two years.

It is one of the most important spaces of contemporary art within the city and it is without a doubt, a space that you cannot leave without visiting, nor mentioning the importance of art and culture in the city.

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