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The Perfect Quarantine Sneakers: Muuk Shoes

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During these troubled times for everyone, we’ve all had to adapt ourselves to new ways of living, one of them is the comfort of working from home. Almudena Jacques, the creator of Muuk Shoes realized that our daily footwear should be anything but uncomfortable.

The founder of Muuk Shoes couldn’t find a pair of kicks that would be comfortable and stylish at the same time, and that also offered a variety of styles to fit every personality out there. For that reason, she decided to create her own brand, and she decided to create in the middle of the pandemic without anything stopping her.

The characteristics that make Muuk a great option to try this quarantine is that they are a new and Mexican brand, and they try to make the buying experience a completely satisfying one from the begging to the end. The sneakers are white and are hand embroidered with three different and original designs, these were created by Almudena from scratch. The three designs are called ‘Leaves’ a set of green tree leaves, ‘Estrellas’ different sized silver starts and finally ‘Loop’ an endless spiral in red. Muuk also offers the option of creating a personalized design for the kicks starting on 12 pairs.

The sizes go from 23mx (6 USA) to 26mx (9 USA), the package also was made to create an impression as soon as you receive it, so the online experience is as good as the physical one.

“I thought these designs were very originals, especially Loop since you won’t find it anywhere else”.

Almudena, Founder of Muuk Shoes

Check out their webpage (until Friday Mexico is having its own “Black Friday” sale called “Buen Fin” so don’t miss the discounts) and IG.

Photographs: courtesy of Muuk Shoes.

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