One Planet: Jewelry Inspired by Mexico´s Nature

In Cancún, Playa del Carmen & Tulum by Ali MadrazoLeave a Comment

The beauty of Mexico and its natural resources is always a source of inspiration for creatives. On this occasion we share with you this innovative jewelry brand created for young women who share the love for the country, its shapes and its colors, who love to travel, follow fashion trends and who are also interested in the environment and the repercussions that humanity has on it. One Planet seeks to be a company at its best, always respecting nature, being in solidarity with the environment and following its passion to enhance the beauty of Mexico. One of its most important objectives is social responsibility, and that is why with each purchase that One Planet has, they help two organizations with which they share values. Amigos de Sian Ka´an is one of the most important civil organizations in Mexico dedicated to the conservation of the environment and sustainable development; it works with the support of society to conserve the largest rainforests in Mexico, the largest underground rivers in the world and the second largest coral reef. The other organization, Fauna Digna, is in charge of the rescue, veterinary care, rehabilitation and reinstatement of any wild species that is in need of help in Cancun, Quintana Roo. It has rehabilitated and reintegrated more than 5,000 wild animals in addition to being part of the fight against illegal animal trafficking and focusing on informing children and adults about caring for the planet and endangered species. Supporting these causes and acquiring a very beautiful piece of jewelry sounds like an excellent idea.

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