Nomade Atelier, Exclusivity in Shape

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The design scene in Mexico has increased exponentially over the past decade, generating a spectacle of characters, companies and creative workshops throughout the country. The culture, art and design have become part of daily life in Mexico, and especially in Mexico City. One of our favorite workshops is Nomade Atelier. This is a totally exclusive design and production atelier that is formed by a team of artisans, architects and visual artists. It all started in 2012 by the magnetic duo, Diana Quintero Vallejo and Ismael Bachri.

It is one of our favorites because Nomade Atelier is really a laboratory of creativity, experimenting with the materials, concepts, forms and the malleability of each one of them. It is a company dedicated to design that becomes part of the life of those who buy it, creating furniture and objects that extend to living, public, commercial and spaces. It is a space that also lives hand-in-hand with artistic installations and with museums. The work and objective of Nomade Atelier is defined in conjunction with the customers so that the intervention of objects actually have an impact in their lives. In this way, each project becomes a new challenge by dialoging with others and complying with the different possibilities that industrial design can generate.


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