Ondalinda X Careyes

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Because of the outstanding and complete cultural agenda of the entire country, Mexico has become the favorite destination of many artists for many reasons including the enormous appreciation and response from the public, the paradisiacal scenarios to be lodged, the wonderful climate and the many activities around any presentation. Mexico City has received many important music festivals but the latest is Ondalinda Festival at Careyes, Jalisco.

During October 27-30 along the coast of Careyes, Jalisco thousands of people enjoyed a concert that transported them to live a magical experience. From the architectural scenarios, the unbeatable landscape, concert design, music and spaces to stay, this was a unique festival for the country. Ondalinda’s concept is to unite the natural elements within us by elevating the human spirit through art and music combined with nature, providing exquisite gastronomy and unite all with sacred teachings. Ondalinda was built as a complete weekend to celebrate the traditions of Mexico on the Day of the Dead, the culture and teachings of the huichols and the celebration of life through music in paradise.

Costa Careyes is an exclusive space full of beautiful houses at the edge of the coast and full of architectural details to make an unforgettable journey. The space was founded by Gian Franco Brignone in 1968 when his family infused the place with the inspiration and sensuality of the Mediterranean coast. It is a vibrant space full of eccentricity, elegance, architecture, design and the perfect place for Ondalinda, the time when it fills the space with a mystical unbeatable vibe.

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