Miguel Ángel Aragonés

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Mexico  is a country that has what’s necessary to inspire and make any person fall in love with it. It has a magnetic center that invites people to stay forever in the different states of the country to live their lives; to enjoy the unshakable mountains, beautiful coasts, the jungle, forest, sea, traditions, colors, gastronomy and especially the beautiful people. The primary inspiration of Mexican artists, designers and architects have always come from this amazing country. In the history of architecture, Mexico has different personalities that have created history and have inspired forever the creative world.One prime example is Luis Barragán.

There have been many people inspired by everything that this country has to give. People that have represented it in different shapes and materials and have included the personal experience of its own life. One of these outstanding artists is the architect Miguel Angel Aragon, which has built original and absolutely inspiring spaces for more than two decades. In its recognized trajectory he has generated a rich and architectural work to enjoy even more of the beautiful areas of Mexico.

Author of Encanto Hotel in Acapulco, La Palma, House Solomon, Mar Adentro and many more, his work has been recognized and awarded from all over the world. He has participated in various biennials and has been exhibitor and lecturer in different universities around the country and abroad.




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