OY-DY: Inspiring Design

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

We are aware of the importance of the position Mexico plays in design and architecture, which is why we love to discover and talk about the new talents that thrill people and give us a new perspective on design around the country. ONLY THE YOUNG DIE YOUNG is an industrial design brand that is inspiring to Mexicans of all ages but especially to young people. ODYD works with simple designs with noble materials like wood, steel and ceramic meeting the main objective of creating the perfect atmosphere. Each chair, table and plate are designed with the purpose to exist as the missing piece to your home, to share the excitement of every moment and always be present in the best times of your life.

The project is the creation of Arturo Alvarez and Mauricio García. The union of two creative minds with a lot of experience give the expected result but with much more emotion and intention. That’s what characterizes them within the world of design. One is the director of the architecture office Special Design while the other is the creative director of a  Sociedad Anónima. Both created OYDY to zoom out on the usual discipline and focus on creating and producing what they have always wanted to consume. All orders of OYDY are unique projects, being characterized by having absolutely one-of-a-kind pieces. The goal was to concentrate on the love of the people to create a home and atmosphere of design without resorting to the giants of design. Don’t stop yourself from getting close to OYDY and to be surprised with the wonders they can provide.




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