Origo White Collection: David Pompa Lightens Up

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The master of lighting in Mexico, David Pompa, presents the new edition of the Origo model, now in a clear and fresh range, ideal for many environments where we are sure it will look spectacular. In this light version the fiorite stone transforms the palette into a balance of cool and light gray tones, adding a mixture of geometric shapes that vary in weight and function. We love the versatility in this product since it is a perfect sculptural object by day and an illuminated texture at night. 

By turning the piece horizontally, Origo’s light becomes a new element that shines on the surface behind. The contrast of the materials becomes more evident and the color of the light stone allows a smooth interaction, besides that the glass illuminates the fiorito stone, discovering its nature and character, so the versatility in the piece makes it is so fun and interesting at the same time. The pendant version is also one of our favorites; with a dimmer that allows the Origo table to transform from sculpture to table lamp, revealing its textured gradient. 

The star element of Origo is undoubtedly the fiorite stone that composes it, which is mined in Puebla, Mexico. It is a light gray natural stone that contains small fossil remains, which gives it a white tone. This stone is easy to work as it allows several finishes. The fiorite used in David Pompa´s products is handmade in Mexico City, so the process makes it a super special piece as each phase is worked with such care and professionalism.


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