Paul Roco: Custom Furniture Design

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Paul Roco is a Mexican workshop dedicated to the design and manufacturing of furniture with a focus on wood. Founded by Rodrigo Berrondo and Paul Igartua, their creation combines functionality and aesthetics in large-scale furniture, mixing classical techniques with modern tools. The company seeks to create lasting pieces of unique design and maintains a constant production that continues the development of their trade. Paul Roco was found in 2008, after four years of work in custom furniture design sets. Berrondo and Igartua’s shared interest in wood and their professional studies that combine mechanical engineering and architecture respectively, discovered the opportunity to grow in the field of furniture design, reaching an interesting balance between functionality and aesthetics in their creations.

The duo’s first production focused on a domestic furniture line which was introduced to boutique luxury shops such as Casa Palacio and Martinez Sordo. But the work itself led them to expand their initial objectives when they realized that there was the need for quality furniture and design for commercial spaces in Mexico City.

The specialty of Paul Roco is wood. This classic material, not fabricated and with limitations proves a challenge in every creation. Its production is focused on working in collaboration with the wood to make it functional, but in an honest way that respects their own attributes: its grain, colors and natural beauty. The creative process is always the basis of what dictates the wood and of the risk of intervening material naturally.

The workshop is located at the heart of Mexico City, at the Colonia San Rafael where they share office and machinery spaces, which makes it easier for them to move from theory to practice. Their goal is to position itself as one of the main design and carpentry workshops in Mexico which provides a functional aesthetic to the public and commercial spaces of the cities.

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