Blanco Colima

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Blanco Colima is a meeting point for gastronomy and culture at the heart of the historic District Roma in Mexico City. Like many of the old houses in this area, this space has been restored to create a single house with different areas that function as a platform for gastronomy, art and culture.

At Blanco Colima visitors can find three culinary experiences where the gastronomy is based on products of the highest quality and because of the location, at night the entire house has become one of the hottest spots for mixology and music in the city. The top floor is a space for exhibitions, film premieres, private events, workshops, debates, and partnerships with brands.

In the other space of the house is Lazarus, an elegant and relaxed restaurant located on the ground floor, this is the “fine-dining” of Blanco Colima and is characterized by decorative reliefs on the walls belonging to the period of the Porfiriato. Lazarus is a  restaurant of contemporary cuisine of the highest level, focusing on using local, organic ingredients and seasonal products. The menu at Lazarus changes constantly but never without leaving aside the impeccable dedication in every detail in the technics, quality and taste of each ingredient.

Another concept within the house is Belafonte, which is characterized by a fresh seafood and oyster bar. The decoration and architecture of the place creates a relaxed and casual atmosphere, however, the food and the menu have been carefully curated by the renowned chef Hiroshi Kawahito. The result is an original blend of the best Japanese techniques with unexpected twists of Mexican flavor. At night, this space  joins the esplanade Blanco Colima to create the same bar atmosphere, with music and a wide variety of cocktails.

Blanco Colima is the main forum for the house, and is formed by work spaces, coffee spots, snacks, breakfast, lunch and cocktails with the goal to make it a second home. Blanco Colima was inspired by Lazarus to offer a simple but delicious menu prepared with fresh products from the market. Blanco Colima is open day and night in the best area of Mexico City.


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