Enhorabuena Coffee

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

People’s actions and daily life dictate the way in which cities are planned. Mexico City is a giant, beautiful, messy and endless city. There are pedestrian-friendly areas where you don’t even need a car to get anywhere. There are also areas where you can’t get a coffee without using transportation.

The Condesa in Mexico City, along with many others, is part of these amazing areas where you can walk from one place to another while enjoying parks and restaurants offering different food styles in almost every corner. It is also known for being a residential area for artists and young people, where an active life is maintained both day and night. Our recommendations in this area range from boutique hotels, fashion and design shops and restaurants to small facilities built with an interior architecture that communicates with the city and with the fast life of its inhabitants. Enhorabuena Coffee is one of the most recommendable small spaces to enjoy an excellent coffee, chai latte or any hot drink with a sweet piece of bread. As well as a fully healthy food that will let you easy to follow with your day. The coffee shop is small and white with natural materials and natural light that make it a place of peace and happiness for anyone who enters, allowing guests to enjoy the best break of their day.

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