PH San Angel: Sophistication on High

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

Once again Basch Arquitectos presents one of its projects that is extremely functional and aesthetically appealing. PH San Angel is precisely in San Angel, my favorite area of Mexico City. With its cobbled streets full of bougainvilleas, it brightens anyone’s day who has the privilege of living there, or at least experiencing it for a moment. The apartment spaces are open but limited, and one of its best features is that it naturally illuminates most of the day. Our favorite part is the cozy terraces that let enjoy the view while the inhabitant feels at home. The style is refined and classic but with contemporary elements; the color palette of earth tones with olive green was used to provide tranquility and integrate space with nature, while upstairs they used shades of gray and blue to provide warmth. The most commonly used materials are wood and fabrics in subdued colors, and as we can see, the flowers are of great importance for the decorative part. When creating a project it is very important that the essence of the developing firm is present, while also suiting the personality and lifestyle of the client. There is no doubt that PH San Angel has these qualities.

(Photos: Alessandro Bo)

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