Philately Museum

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

It is difficult to catalog a space inside Oaxaca as “one of the most beautiful“, “one of the most special” or fit them under any name or characteristic. Oaxaca is pure magic in every corner of the city, between the alleys, inside the stones that create the tall walls of the architectural antique places that have been accomplices of the history and growth of its inhabitants, as well as the city. The special architectural identity of the city relays in the many spaces that are still alive since the beginning. You can feel this when walking through the city, and can easily read the architectural dialog: the colors, materials, shapes and the feeling of most of the spaces is always natural and has an organic beauty.

One of our favorites is without a doubt the Philately Museum. The museum was created after realizing the lack of a space dedicated to this discipline in Mexico. As a response, the philanthropic interest of Don Alfredo Harp Helú took action and the fact that he possessed a complete collection of commemorative stamps, envelopes and philatelic razors of Mexico, among other materials, made it easy to get it started. He donated to the museum and thus began the permanent exhibition.

The architectural project was designed by Arq. Daniel Lopez Salgado. The project is the communication by means of bridges and courtyards to the outside, joining the galleries and spaces through a natural drift. The route is formed in a U shape and in this way, the entire space is divided into four courtyards. Natural elements like water, stone and typical vegetation of the region make up the space’s atmosphere. The abstraction of the concept of a patio and the main galleries is the real beauty of the museum. The organic paths, the natural light and the temperature that generates the same construction is just fantastic! This is why many people have used the space to create special ceremonies and events inside of it.





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