Hilario Galguera Gallery

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

One of the most important art galleries in Mexico is Hilario Galguera Gallery. It is located in a large porfirian-style house from the beginning of the 20th century at the Colonia San Rafael. The story started in the year 2006 in this same space, working with the goal of being a production, registration, dissemination and discussion of contemporary art. By establishing itself as a solid art space in a fairly quick period of time, the gallery decided to open another space in Leipzig, Germany in 2008-2011. This allowed it to become the first Mexican gallery with an extension in Europe. The space they chose was an old factory of the 19th century and today, Hilario Galguera also has an office in Berlin.

Being one of the first contemporary art galleries around the city, the path that has been traced by them is an example for many others. Since the beginning their aim has been to showcase projects from national and international artists with a new, medium and consolidated career. In this way, the nature of the space is to work as a forum to present new pieces, working as a scenario for new artists and providing more dialog and knowledge to the visitors. The gallery’s philosophy is to give artists the opportunity to have a space in the global artistic scene, in order to develop a conceptual and aesthetic speech. Its strong presence has made it the pioneer in Mexico to present artists with a devoted career on an international level such as Damien Hirst, Daniel Buren and James Hd Brown, amongst many others.

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