Pol y Pol Graphic Textiles

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Pol & Pol promotes Mexican handcrafted fashion and quality textile design made in Mexico. The inspiration is the traditional Mexican textiles and the flora of the fog forest region of Veracruz. This is the inspiration with which they create handmade printed and embroidered huipiles, bags, cushions and hats printed with serigraphy. The methodology is through collaboration with Mexican artisans, artists and designers from Oaxaca, as well as artists and photographers from Veracruz.

Pol & Pol graphic / textile is a Mexican brand resulting from collaborative work between artisans, artists, designers and photographers. The prints are created by the graphic artist Lucía Prudencio and the textile design is from Andrea Prudencio , this are the ones that give the originality and the distinctive stamp to the brand.

Their huipil printed collection is inspired by those from the state of Oaxaca. All the pieces are handmade: since the elaboration of the huipiles and the use of craft techniques and high quality materials. They have a limited edition of hand-printed hats with exclusive designs by Pol & Pol. Graphic and textile are the means through which they create garments, accessories and decorative items from handcrafted processes and high quality materials.

The artisan processes of creation are a very important value for them. The print  designs are the result of original creations from which they use hand-engraved wooden plates. The printing methods  are the engraving on fabric and the serigraphy, both handmade textile printing methods. Textile, sewing and embroidery finishes also involve creative and manual processes; so every garment they make is a unique piece.



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