Gran Salón México,Conetmprary Illustration fair

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

In recent years, illustration has evolved from being only a graphic service towards an expressive and poetic art with a strong weight within contemporary visual culture. Today it continues to grow as an artistic and creative discipline. Gran Salón México was born under this context. An annual fair dedicated to contemporary Mexican illustration with the intention of being a reference and source of dissemination for the thriving world of illustration, celebrating its first edition in 2014.

Along with its annual edition in Mexico, GSM is also a Mexican exponent for the world, forming part of events that take place in different cities. In 2015 the international destination of the Fair was England, in addition to other activities like Bologna, Buenos Aires, Cardiff, Guadalajara, Lima, London, Tampico and different events in Mexico City throughout these years. GSM also manages different collaborations with a wide range of illustrators.

It is a fact that nowadays the illustration can be considered as a branch of contemporary art. Many may believe otherwise but it is. This art edge has undergone a series of evolutionary changes that, as the organizers of this fair said: they have made it a mean of expression and diffusion beyond a graphic service.




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