Rhyzoma, Architecture and Design

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Rhyzoma is a Mexican office established in Mexico City, dedicated to designing and building architectural projects as well as creating the interiors of the residential areas and offices, achieving a full panorama of the initial idea, from the inception to the last details of each project. The name of the office comes from the complete methodology used in this work space. Rhyzoma means a structure that is the root and stem, symbolizing the anti-hierarchical relationship that interconnects the elements of any system.

Elsa Ojeda and Diego Valdes use the concept based on the interaction between the architectural design, industrial design, interior design and graphic design. Creating a multidisciplinary workshop that manages to make possible the creation of spaces that grow and interact with the environment and are not limited to hierarchical levels. On the contrary, they create real complete spaces. Rhyzoma boasts being an area that produces new relationships formed by creative networks and we believe that they do it wonderfully. The full team combines experiences with the diversity of studies that each one of the team has and together, planned and designed in the same space.

Since the project design, you can find since construction and creation of atmospheres throughout the interior of the spaces, furniture, restoration and much more. Rhyzoma intervened a residence during the Design Week 2016, demonstrating the good taste and chromatic harmony that they can successfully create in any space.

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