Rodavento Hotel: Luxury and Adventure

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The magical town of Valle de Bravo offers a visual spectacle thanks to its colonial architecture of adobe and wood houses with red-tile roofs and dust cover in terracotta colors, perfectly aligned in narrow paved alleys.

In its narrow and steep streets you can find a wide cultural offering that ranges from the traditional market of handicrafts, the textile shops and Mazahua jewelry and the Joquin Arcadio Pagaza Museum to contemporary art galleries, modern clothing stores, jewelry and accessories from recognized designers.

The Rodavento architecture is the most innovative of all the hotels in Valle de Bravo as it combines the cozyness of a forest cabin with the comforts of a boutique hotel. The facilities of Hotel Rodavento evoke a feeling of lightness and harmonious temporality with the environment.

The terrain dictated the ideal architectural distribution for less impact and greater harmony. Individual modules were created for each use. In the main building you will find the lobby, restaurant, activity center, pool and the beautiful terraces at the shore of the lake.

The rooms are located around the main building on the slopes of the glen. The SPA is located in the most private area of ​​the forest, on the banks of the river that comes from the springs. All buildings share the same architectural language which include steel and wood structures superimposed on the ground, light roofs with stretched canvases and natural materials that harmonize with the environment. The forest offers the best scenario for adventure activities and the ideal space for children to explore and enjoy in freedom.

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