Selvaggi Swimwear: The Eco-friendly Option for the Holidays

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Luxury and design don’t have to be sacrificed in order to enjoy sustainable swimwear, the proof is Selvaggi Swimwear a Mexican brand created by Norma García, with products made out of eco-friendly materials.

Selvaggi was born in 2017, all the swimsuits and bikinis are made of Italian ECONYL. This fabric is quite new, it’s created out of fish nets found in the ocean, so ECONYL could be denominated as recycled NYLON. Fish nets that were abandoned at sea or by mistake thrown to the water, often trap animals or damage marine coral, so when these fish nets are gather for creating ECONYL, aside from creating a new and sustainable fabric the flora and fauna of the ocean gets benefited.

However, Selvaggi’s eco-friendly philosophy also is shown in the design of every piece, since all of them are reversible, giving the chance of wearing two different prints in one. Finally for every purchase made the brand donates 1 USD to Healthy Seas, an organization dedicated to clean the oceans . Without a doubt these are the kind of brand we should be buying, the ones that are not only preventing pollution and waste, but also making our planet a better place to live in.

Their most recent collection is called Ocean Soldiers, the patterns are inspired in elements found in nature and at the sea like palm trees, flowers, and sharks, mixed with art deco components found in Miami’s architectural style. All the designs can be modified, mixed together and in some cases it’s possible to create 5 different swimwear options by combining the two different prints (inside and outside). Selvaggi is an amazing gift option for the holidays, let’s start doing more research and supporting local brands that help the environment.

Check out their whole catalogue here and at the IG page.

Photographs: Selvaggi Swimwear.

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