“Studioroca” the Perfect Choice for your Space Renovation

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Studioroca was born in 2002 with the strength to be a multidisciplinary workshop, believing from the beginning in integral design of blended architecture, design of interior spaces and furniture design. Since the beginning of the vanguardist concept they created spaces with a lot of character and perfection in all aspects of design.

The founding partners of this atelier were Rodrigo Alegre and Carlos Acosta. Both architects with a holistic approach and a plastic solid force. In this company, both the design and the production of furniture and space are involved. The majority of the projects are made in team work with partners, this with the purpose of carrying out the total concept of which was originated. Each project that comes from this study has been manufactured with passion, since thirteen years ago. Studioroca has been dedicated to satisfy its clients by the passion that leads to generate beautiful spaces which transmits joy to every person which is able to live it. The atelier has grown more each day thanks to the discipline and the effort they put in each one of its proposals.

The work they have done has been presented in different spaces like the international fair “Wanted Design in NYC“, the Mexican Gallery of Design and the Museum of Modern Art of the Cd. Of Mexico, as part of the collective exhibition “Mexican Factory“.

It is a great choice to invest in furniture Studioroca either for a large project or simply to complement those that already exist at home or at the office. The taste is excellent and the quality of the materials and the manufacturing process is a guarantee. It is always good, and above all to give you a new air to any space in this new year. Happy 2016!



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