Teo Luncheonette

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Mexico City is full of life in the streets, at the parks, restaurants, museums, shops and bars. Each day there are new options for feeding, entertaining and raising awareness among the inhabitants. The city has grown exponentially creating areas that live as forgotten are now reactivated with new small commerce. The perfect example is Colonia Juarez. In this area you’ll find everything: galleries, parks, dogs, people and so much gastronomic activity. The street of Havre is the new favorite of the grateful neighbors and of the entire city. Havre offers a parade of options to get to know and please the demanding palates of the clients.

A new member of the family has arrived, the small, but great space called Teo. The name comes from Teotihuacan, the street where it was going to be settled originally. The interior styling is work by the group MOB , and it has a healthy, welcoming, unpretentious—but with much intention —atmosphere. An ideal place for breakfast and brunch, the menu consists of burgers made with homemade bread to options for the growing vegetarian community. Teo has been developed around the philosophy of ” healthy should not sacrifice the taste,” if today there are still some skeptics. Not only can you take a healthy, nutritious and delicious breakfast, you can also enjoy the art that is in Teo as well. The perfect duo of great food and art, go Teo!

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