Perfect Harmony at Casa Chacala

In Architecture & Design by Ali Madrazo

I would define the word “perfection” as something or somewhere blissful, which fills me with peace as the time that delights my eyes, and this is exactly what Casa Chacala is. In 2012 Estudio Macias Peredo Arquitectos started a project in Chacalilla, a small beach area in the state of Nayarit. The result was more spectacular than anyone could imagine, just look at the photos to get an idea. Although it is a big house, spaces are perfectly exploited to give the inhabitant the most exciting experience with a sea view that will make them sigh. Wood and concrete are the most used materials, achieving a color palette of neutral tones and letting vegetation highlight the benefits of nature. The roof is made by a large palapa that allows the air currents to flow. The kitchen also has large windows that give the feeling of being at the middle of the jungle. The decor is completely subtle, making the nature elements be the main characters. Although this is a weekend house, its functionality makes it a perfect place for an entire family to live in. Once again Magui Peredo and Salvador Macias make clear why their work is so praised.

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