The Design Workshop of UMHU

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

The only constant in this world is change, which is why we always feel the need to change things in our home, whether it be to paint the walls a different color, re-arrange the living room or purchase or remove items. In Mexico City there are many different options to shop furniture and the perfect pieces to display your own personality in your space. UHMU is one of these places. It’s an industrial design workshop where they mix design and technology with time so you can enjoy everyday life with the pieces they generate. UHMU is committed to the design and manufacturing of functional furniture and decorative elements that are appropriate to meet the needs of our life. Their designs are highlighted by modern elements like simple lines and they use natural and artificial materials, designing for the contemporary life. They believe that everyday actions like sitting, eating, and sleeping, should be directed and managed through design. UHMU makes a wide range of furniture, decoration and lighting options to suit every taste. You can shop small pieces that gives life and color to a neutral space as well as being able to acquire full furniture sets. All the options are beautiful and perfect for any home so don’t hesitate getting closer to this fantastic home decoration store.



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