Xinú Boutique

In Architecture & Design, Live by Isabella Moreno

This amazing secret space will give you one of the best sensory surprises within Mexico City. Xinú is a high perfumery brand which is inspired by the aromatic botany of the American Continent. It uses the raw material of the highest quality. Each of the fragrances that are created in this wonderful space are a tribute to the olfactory and visual richness of species along America. The protagonists are the plants, each one of them are presented with name and surname. To be able to achieve the adequate space the brand looked for the multidisciplinary office ESRAWE STUDIO. The showroom design ran under Ignacio Cadena+ Hector Esrawe, the perfect creative duo for making magic with space. The architectural drift inside the showroom will get you closer to all your senses.You get received by a dark staircase, just as if you were inside a tree and suddenly you go out to a small space content by two beautiful gardens. The only thing that is exposed is a majestic and magical table of seven meters in length. On top of it are all the pieces, objects, reasoning, materials and samples of what makes up the universe of  Xinú’s botanical garden spirit. It is a beautiful experience in every way , if you can and may you should visit this sacred space.







Fotografía: Jaime Navarro Soto

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