Yubán Shares the Zapotec Flavor at Mexico City

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Yet another member of the most chic cuisine street, Colima in Mexico City, this spot is always active and full of life with artists, foreigners, fun and coolness. The name of this place is Yubán and it brings the Oaxacan cuisine to the heart of the city. Yubán means “Yu I bán,”  or “I am the soil.”  Yubán aims to bring to Mexico City, the culinary tradition of the Oaxacan communities, especially Tabaá, Zoochila, Cajonos and Yatzachi and it relys on the recipes of Doña Magdalena Cruz. This place includes the sense of community which in Zapotec is “wzon” and the concept has to do with reciprocity.
Yubán is next to the forum, The Bicho, where there are performances and film presentations. Going here ensures a special evening; enjoy Zapotec cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. The space is decorated with fabulous tiles from the collection of the most important Oaxacan artist of the time, Francisco Toledo. The space also has an unforgettable mezcal bar, wooden tables and chairs, and lighting that transforms the space into a wonderful portal that showcases the huge mystical mountains of Oaxaca.

In Zapotec tradition, the ritual of the kitchen is developed around the people, through the act of sharing. In feasts, funerals and the every day, it is the celebration of life and death in each bite, and the kitchen is a communal space of healing. Come and get to know the flavors of Oaxacan Mountains in the valley of Mexico City.

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