Eduardo Kohlmann Banquet: Synonymous with Exquisiteness

In Bridal by Ali Madrazo

There are many pleasures in life, but eating well is definitely one of the best. When you plan a wedding or event, it is because you want to share a transcendent moment in your life with your loved ones, who are going to pamper you with their presence and even gifts, but you also want to pamper your guests by offering a banquet with the best of the best, and for that there is no one like Eduardo Kohlmann Banquet. Eduardo has more than 20 years of experience in logistics, planning and development of culinary experiences, and now is part of the Mexican Council of Professional Events. The service is exceptional, and not to mention the dishes are created for each wedding with experts creating custom menus, and adapting to the tastes of each client. They also have certification and supervision of a rabbi for Kosher banquets, using ingredients and products of the highest quality. By hiring Eduardo Kohlmann Banquet for your wedding, you can be totally confident that you are leaving one of the most special days of your life in the hands of a professional, responsible, ethical and creative team. We love absolutely everything they do, but we can not stop recommending the smoked salmon crostini with jocoque, dill, pine nuts and caviar; squash blossom soup; gorgonzola panna cotta with brioche bread and figs; steak with cocoa and morel sauce with potatoes; warm chestnut cake with white chocolate sauce; and the unmatched chocolate fondant—any of these dishes are definitely a luxury for your palate.

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