Yäan Wellness Energy Spa the Portal to Another Paradise

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Located near the great BeTulum on the road toward the reserve of Sian Ka’an, is Yäan Wellness Energy Center. The building is a concrete and wood structure with a smoky entrance covered in vibrant and radiant nature. This temple is the work of a favorite architect of the area and owner and author of the Wellness Center, Sebastian Sas. He is also the architect of BeTulum, the best hotel in the whole area. Sebastian Sas is a visionary and a genius in regards to sensitivity of space-shape formation.

For the Yäan Wellness Energy Spa project, he incorporated the four elements of nature within each space, step, structure, room and transition. The architecture connects the visitor with nature, and works as a divine portal. Just like a real piece of art work, it transports the observer into a contemplative state of sensation with the surrounding environment.

The architecture works to connect mind, body and spirit. Inspired by the original, ancestral Maya culture of the area, Sebastian Sas creates the “most beautiful spa in creation,” as it has been called by visitors from around the world that have had the fortune of enjoying a treatment here.

Whether you visit to experience a couples massage, a spiritual healing, a shamanic ritual or a Full Moon Temazcal, Yäan Wellness Energy Spa is always the best choice.



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