Baja California Sur Community Alliance Launches Adopt A Family Program

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After just over a month of operations, the Baja California Sur Community Alliance (ACBCS) has raised 40-percent of its $7.5 million goal to bring food to families who have been affected by the crisis caused by COVID-19.

Currently, the register of families registered to receive aid as a result of this crisis are 96,000 households in need, across Loreto, Mulegé, Comondú, La Paz and Los Cabos. In order to achieve this goal, the BCSCA needs to raise $1.6 million every month to reach everyone in the register.

To do this, BCSCA has launched its Adopt a Family campaign, which allows you to donate just $20, which covers the cost of food and necessary supplies for a family of four for two weeks.

“The need is great and the work of getting the food baskets to all the families in need is enormous. Which is why, it is necessary to have everybody in our community help this initiative to the best of their ability and for this, we have launched the “Adopt a Family” campaign. The Alliance works in coordination with state and municipal authorities to provide food aid to those who need it most at the moment, but the most important aid is the one that each of the members of our community can contribute. The need is great, but we also know that there are many generous people in Baja California Sur and we are counting on each of them to contribute within their means because, if we all participate, we can help all those who need it.”

Korey Riggs, Head of BCSCA fundraising effort

The Alliance conducts deliveries under the sweeping format in priority attention areas with the support of Mexico’s Army, the Secretary of the Navy and the National Guard to guarantee both the order and biosafety of volunteers and those who receive food aid alike.

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