5 Ways to Make Your Destination Wedding Stand Out

In Bridal by Belen Molina

Everyone wants their big day to be extra special. Whether you tie the knot at a Mexican beach, against an awe-inspiring backdrop of crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches, or inland at an enchanting hacienda located in a beautiful colonial town, we’ve put together a shortlist of five things you can do to make your destination wedding stand out from the crowd and be a truly memorable experience for your guests.

No. 1: Make it a Cultural Experience

Find ways to immerse your guests in the local culture by setting up unique and interactive activities that will bring your family and friends together. Need some ideas? Here are some of our favorites:

  • Callejonadas – walking serenades led by costumed performers that take place as people stroll around the village streets while they sing, dance and enjoy some drinks.
  • Cooking Classes – a great opportunity to explore local cuisine.
  • Tequila and Mezcal Tasting Experiences – a great way for strangers to mingle!
  • Visiting a local Artisan Workshop – and spending some pesos!

No. 2: Prepare a Special Welcome for Your Guests

Your guests may forget how many margaritas they had at your wedding, but they will never forget that you went out of your way to make them feel special. Here are some special ways to welcome your guests:

  • Receive guests with a welcome cocktail of your choice, or better yet, a signature cocktail created by the bride and groom.
  • Put together a small in-room welcome gift and include some of our favorite travel essentials: the latest issue of InMexico magazine, sunscreen, mini Casamigos tequila bottles, an emergency kit and a few snacks.

No. 3: Free Perks

If your wedding is taking place at a hotel or a resort, talk to your wedding coordinator about the complimentary amenities and services that are available for wedding guests that are staying at the resort. Talk to them about the possibility of offering free breakfast or complimentary use of bikes and surf boards, or even discounts on things like spa and salon services.

No. 4: Create Your Very Own Wedding Website

A website is a great way to build excitement for your guests by providing them with some useful information about the destination they will be visiting, such as important travel information, ideas about what to bring, a list of recommended places and restaurants they can explore on their own if they are planning to extend their stay, a schedule of events… the possibilities are endless!

No. 5: Provide Transportation

Ensure that your guests don’t have to endure long shuttle rides, the hassle of renting a car or be over-charged by taxi drivers. Provide transportation to and from the airport and, if possible, hire a local guide to add that special touch.

For more destination wedding inspiration and information, please visit: https://www.inmexico.com/bridal/

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