Marisol Centeno, Weaving Emotions

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Marisol Centeno is a Mexican textile designer. She studied at Ibero University with a degree in handcraft techniques. She has created a specialized textile design atelier. In this space she focus on innovation through experimentation, using techniques and processes both industrial and artisanal in order to generate projects that meet different customers in a unique, original and functional way.

Marisol Centeno is the creative director of  Marisol Centeno Atelier, an expert in textile projects that merge the higher and lower technologies. She is also the founder of Bi Yuu, a unique brand of rugs and collaborative practices that is worth taking a look at.

Her work has been presented in Dubai Design Week, Zona Maco, Rufino Tamayo Museum, Museo Franz Mayer, Museo de las Américas, among others. She has also worked with international architecture offices like Kallosturin Gensler and Legorreta. Marisol Centeno has been invited to develop a public space intervention for Adidas, as well as in the creation of a loom for the H&M offices. She also formed part of the creative team of the forecast of 16 ColorLife Trends of Comex.

She is without doubt one of the most recognized Mexican talents in the country for her creativity, delivery to the work in a professional way and for filling spaces with unique pieces.


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