Tomás Té, Drinking Peace

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

In Mexico there are different spots for all kinds of tastes. You can find places to enjoy a large variety of the best coffee or small spaces in corners all around the city where you can find food and drinks suitable for everyone. In addition to this, the architecture of these new spaces never ceases to amaze by its good taste, the details in the lighting, the chosen decor and atmosphere that is given to each one them.

A great example and one of our favorites is Thomas Tea. This is one of the hotspots in Mexico City that opened its doors to all tea lovers. Thomas Tea starts with a new trend in consumption of this ancestral drink in the city. Currently Thomas Tea just opened its third store at Colonia Roma in Mexico City. The neutral decor and contemporary space invite you to try one of their wonderful teas and make you feel like you’re home. You can take a good book and enjoy an afternoon of introspection or spend it with good company. Thomas Tea has managed to stay as a space of reference in regard to places with proposals full of identity within the city. If you are looking for a new favorite place to relax don’t delay finding any of their beautiful spaces.

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