Auberge Resorts Debuts New Wedding Rituals

In Bridal by Suzanne Koch

Auberge Resorts has recently introduced new wedding experiences to take your special day to the next level. Esperanza, Auberge Resorts Collection and Chileno Bay Resort & Residences in Los Cabos are both treating the bride and groom to local customs for a memorable way to tie the knot.

Chileno Bay Resort & Residences

The contemporary and spirited beachfront resort in Los Cabos Mexico invites couples to experience an ethereal pre-wedding spa ritual inspired by ancient Huichol traditions. In this ceremonial practice, the resort’s resident Huichol shaman incorporates earth, wind, fire and water to bring balance and harmony to each couple, strengthening the link between love and the spiritual world and the connection between each other.

At the center of the ritual is the spa reflexology pool, where the couple will manifest their intentions, dispel negative energy using a copalera – a traditional ceramic vessel used for burning coal and resin – and bless their union. The spiritual journey culminates in a moonlit fire, where a Huichol-inspired beaded lasso in the form of a figure “8,” the emblem of infinity, is placed over their shoulders, symbolizing the couple’s commitment. The new spouses may retain the lasso as a keepsake of their union and upon return to the resort for their first anniversary can partake in an energy Huichol cleanse.

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Esperanza, Auberge Resorts Collection

Bride, groom and wedding party will enjoy a spirited evening overlooking the Sea of Cortez with Esperanza’s “Callejoneada,” a post-ceremony procession in which the flower-crowned group wander through Cabo San Lucas’ only private beach resort in celebration of the union with tequila in hand and musicians in tow.

Set to begin at the wedding venue, the vibrant musical tour will be led by Rosita, the festive beverage cart, serviced by servers with flower-decorated serving trays complete with beverages of choice. The festive parade will end at the resort’s Tree of Hope whereby the new bride and groom will place a tin turtle trinket (complete with their wedding date and names stamped on) on a branch to represent their wish for the longevity of their union. Upon departure, the bride and groom will receive glass turtles as a symbolic measure of their union at Esperanza. When the couple returns on their anniversary, they will have the opportunity to place another tin turtle on the tree commemorating a new year together.

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