Luxury, Classy & Sassy Weddings by ONLY ONCE

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With more than five years of experience in the wedding industry, Cecy Pineda, ONLY ONCE CEO & Luxury Wedding Expert, has been a trendsetter for creating luxurious, classy and sassy weddings, with a unique touch that differentiates each of her customers.

Cecy Pineda, who has a bachelors degree in Tourism Management, started her career as a wedding planner in the U.S. where knowing the American market gave her the expertise to create international experiences. Thanks to her passion for weddings, she came back to Mexico and create what is now known as ONLY ONCE.

ONLY ONCE is a creative agency of wedding planners where their excellence exceeds expectations by creating bonds beyond imagination. Backed by their experience, they are not only experts, they are TRANSCENDENTAL.

Their motto: “We believe in the power of details, the subtlety of perfection and creativity transformed into exclusivity.” Thanks to Only Once’s dedication and passion to serve, their best recommendation is undoubtedly the relationships they forge with their clients on day one; relationships that become great lifelong friendships, because with Only Once everything is possible. Delivering body, soul and spirit in every wedding they are a part of, Only Once knows that true love happens only once.

Cecy Pineda’s specialties are destination weddings and she believes in romance tourism as a spearhead and economic pillar for Mexico. Only Once also performs weddings worldwide with exclusivity, professionalism and warmth, creating service and success.

“A wedding is not just an event, it’s memories that last over time.” – Cecy Pineda

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