Macaria Taller, Designing Footprints

In Architecture & Design by Isabella Moreno

Macaria is a custom shoe workshop located inMexico City, focusing on luxury and custom made pieces. It is a unique space in which everything is possible, from developing a concept consisting of design, art and the identity of each woman to the creation of special and unique pieces.

It works in the following way: the first step is to make an appointment through their page at Macaria Workshop. At the showroom, the owner will begin by showing you different designs and models that are available, along with different materials, as well as an array of accessories that you can add to customize your shoes. Once agreed on all the details, they will take the 50-percent advance payment to start the development of your shoes. After a month, you can go to pick up your pair of shoes that are likely to become your favs!

Macaria Workshop works with the possibility to choose the material, color, texture and design that best fits your shape and taste. It seeks to represent the contemporary woman; the woman who knows what they need and how to ask for it. The shoes are made by Mexican artisans who are experts at working with the finest materials and always taking care of the details and special finishes to generate beautiful pieces.




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