Luxury Dresses Designed by Benito Santos

In Bridal by Ali Madrazo

They say that all brides have a special glow on their wedding day because so much happiness can’t be hidden. The most romantic moment of a lifetime needs a dress that is up to the big celebration, and the Mexican designer Benito Santos is responsible for creating real princesses from brides looking for luxury, quality, creativity and exclusivity in their dresses.

Benito was born in Tepehuaje of Morelos, Jalisco, and surprisingly studied medicine at the University of Guadalajara, as well as fashion design at Lanspiac. He made his debut as a fashion designer in 2008 to the public of Intermoda, and although his career has been relatively short, he has positioned himself as one of the favorite designers of Mexican society, women in politics, celebrities, and was even recognized for creating the dress that Ximena Navarrete wore when she was crowned Miss Universe in 2010.

His style is very feminine and glamorous, and using quality materials, new techniques of cutting and hand embroidery, his dresses become spectacular, deluxe pieces. The Mexican designer has already presented in the most important fashion events in Mexico and Latin America, and has been invited to Fashion Week New York, Los Angeles and Vancouver, along with being awarded the National Prize of Fashion 2014. His Bride Collection 2016 is inspired by the sacred art and female deities of Catholicism, making a cult to sacred images. The predominant color in the collection is ivory, and the dresses have brocade textures of gold, transparencies, lace, organza silk and pearls. If you love opulence, femininity and romanticism, then contact Benito Santos as soon as possible.

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