A Magical Adventure For Two at Itzincab Camara

In Bridal by Ali Madrazo

Some trips are so special they bind people together forever, and that is the case of the honeymoon, which has the potential to be the best trip of your life. We all know that traveling to Mexico is an adventure full of pleasure, fun, luxury and beauty, but this time we want to share with you a new discovery: it is called Hacienda Itzincab Camara. The place has 14 great rooms, but if we are talking about the long-awaited honeymoon, we recommend renting the property out for the two of you so it will be much more intimate and private. The newlyweds deserve to feel like they’re in a dream during those special days and that is why comfort and luxury are always a priority for people who are at your service. The lush gardens of Hacienda Itzincab Camara and its fresh terraces are ideal for long hours of relaxing and contemplating the majesty of this destination that’s located in the south of Mexico, specifically in Merida. Hundreds of exotic birds, fascinating flora and fauna, three pools and various common areas are the perfect setting for those days you plan to spend with the love of your life. One of the features we like the most about this great destination is that it is built on a Mayan site and in the center features an imposing pyramid, something that very few places can boast. We are convinced that spending a few days at Hacienda Itzincab Camara will be one of the best experiences you will have as a couple. Expect nothing less than a perfect trip that will allow you to fall in love even more than you already are.

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