Mexico-Inspired Wedding Color Palette

In Bridal by Suzanne Koch

Who doesn’t love the bright, bold colors of Mexico? So why not bypass the subtle pastel hues and infuse vibrant ones into your big day? According to, the trick is to choose a few bold colors (red, orange, yellow), add in hints of secondary colors like magenta and break it up with toned-down hues.

We listed some areas of your wedding where you can creatively incorporate the happy hues.

Cocktails: Consider showcasing your signature hue in a festival cocktail, like a tequila sunrise! The bold colors will serve double duty as a refreshing treat and gorgeous decor

Jewelry/Shoes: A subtle spot to add a pop of color is in the jewelry and shoes. The shoes may not be seen the whole day but when a peek of bright red or blue slips out, it will add that perfect touch, especially under all that white!

Bridesmaids: If your crew is going to be rocking a bright-colored dress, keep the style the same and the flowers simple. Think about matching your jewelry with their dresses for a seamless combo

Centerpieces: Instead of filling guest tables with overwhelming colors, choose one thing to highlight, like the centerpieces. Use a bold-colored centerpiece and offset it with neutral runners and place settings

Feature Photo: Pink Palm Photo

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